Dover Heights Shule is a Chabad orthodox Jewish community-based congregation, started in 1997 in Sydney on the grounds of the former Yeshiva College Dover Heights Campus, under the leadership of Rabbi Motti and Esti Feldman.  
It is situated on the corner of Blake and Napier Streets, Dover Heights, New South Wales, Australia.
From humble beginnings in a classroom, a beautiful Shule was built in 2003 through the generosity of major benefactors Ian and Sara Miller.  In 2009, the Shule Board - led by Robert Gescheit, first President of the Shule - on behalf of the Shule community, negotiated and  purchased the property where the Shule stands on, from the adjacent Kesser Torah College.   The Shule has a very active board which sees to the maintenance of the facilities and the continuation of the great reputation the Shule has in the community.
The Shule provides all regular services of Shacharis, Mincha and Mariv throughout the week & Shabbat, Sunday morning & evening, High Holidays and festivals. There is a short Shiur after Shacharis and a short Shiur between Mincha and Mariv. 
There are a vast array of Shiurim offered including JLI the Sunday and Wednesday morning Chassidus Shiur, Shabbos afternoon Talmud Shiur, Ladies lunch Shiur, wedding classes, Shiurim series on a wide variety of topics, and pre Yom tov educational Shiurim.
Every Yom Tov is celebrated with programs and activities. Our famous Chanukah in the Park, Chanukah cruises, Shavuos dinners and learning programs, communal Pesach Sedorim, Purim parties, Shule Barbques, Kumzitzes, Friday Night Live, to name just a few. There is always something happening at DHS. As well, the Shule offers counselling, baby namings, bris milah, weddings, bereavement visits and financial welfare assistance for people in need. 
The Shule also has youth services and programs for boys and girls on Friday evening, Shabbos, all festivals and High Holidays, and during the week and Sundays. Our famous Bar and Bas Mitzvah programs continue to attract tens of Bar and Bas Mitzvas to our Shule every year. Our annual winter & summer day camps attracts scores of youth and continues to expand every year.
A Kiddush is provided after every Shabbat & Yom Tov service. Every month on Shabbat Mevarchim we have a catered sit-down lunch and farbrengen with special guest speakers.
Please come along to Shule at any time, participate in our programs, and join the Shule where everyone is family. For information on membership, please phone the office on 93710055. 
Welcome to Dover Heights Shule- the Shule with a view to the future. 
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